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Bowler hats for sale here come in two different types - novelty fancy dress bowler hats and beautifully made traditional British ones for men to wear at posh nights out, for example. 

Bowler hats also come in different sizes - some are made to be worn by children for fancy dress purposes and you can also buy a ladies bowler hat. 

If you are purchasing a men’s bowler hat, you need to consider whether want one with a bow, band or ribbon attached or whether you would just like to keep it plain and simple. 

Bowler hats are often used for fancy dress and come in a variety of colours including black, white, red, pink, blue green, yellow, silver, gold, grey and black. Fun bowler hats are often sparkly as well to make the user stand out, whether that be on stage or just during parties or at home. 

Also, the fancy dress bowlers are usually made from plastic or straw. A novelty cheap bowler hat will normally cost under £5 but you can expect to pay more than £50 for a top quality dress bowler hat. 

Bowler hats can be worn at many leisure or sporting events including 
World Cup football matches where patriotic fans can wear Union Jack bowler hats, which again, can also be used at birthday parties, Christmas parties, fancy dress parties and other fun event . 

Not only can you purchase Union Jack bowler hats, though, you can also get St George bowler hats, St David bowler hats, St Andrew bowler hats and St Patrick bowler hats. Novelty bowler hats are available in many colours and some are coated with glitter - the clown bowler hat with a flower emblem on the front is a very popular choice.

Of course, all of these hats are made for social and leisure activities, but you can also buy a vintage bowler hat. Vintage bowler hats are copies of hard top hats that were a common sight in the 1900s and are starting to become quite popular again.

An original men’s bowler hat is normally made of 100% wool felt with satin lining and can be worn with casual wear such as a t-shirt and jeans or shorts, or it can be worn with an elegant suit. Either way, a bowler hat will look stunning and is a very British item of headwear, and was often worn by great British statesmen such as Winston Churchill.
Bowler hats were a huge fashion item in the past and are considered to still be extremely fashionable and trendy. It has become a common sight to see people at popular UK holiday resorts, such as Blackpool and Brighton, wearing plastic novelty bowler hats in many different colours. These plastic or straw hats often have messages written on them, the most common being ‘kiss me quick’. 

The men's bowler hat is known by many different names including the Derby, the Coke hat and the Billycock. It was known as a coke hat as the first bowler hat was made in 1849 for Edward Coke and was a common sight in the Victorian era where people of working class wore them. 

It was originally made to protect the heads of people riding on horseback as it is made from hard felt, and was called the Bowler hat because it was created by Thomas and William Bowler.

Many famous film stars and actors have worn a bowler hat in classic movies throughout the last 100 years - these include actor Davied Tomlinson who played the children’s father in the musical Mary Poppins, plus black and white movie legends Laurel and Hardy and Charlie Chaplin wore bowler hats too. The hat is now worn mostly as a novelty item by men or women, rather than the serious way in which it was worn in the Victorian periods. Black is the most common colour for a bowler hat but other popular choices are the white bowler hat, red bowler hat or even a green, blue, silver, gold,brown or grey bowler hat. 

Bowler hats are great for young children’s school productions, and they also show up in other drama productions and pantomimes. If you plan to buy a bowler hat for a party or other occasion, you may want to consider purchasing  accessories to go with it such as a dance cane, braces,a monocle on a cord, a wig, steampunk goggles or a fake moustache. 

Bowler hats have worked their way into modern fashion, as well as being worn by adults and children as fun items.

Whether they have messages on, bright colours and sparkles or ribbons, bowler hats will always be a classic and fun item of headwear. The bowler hat is a British fashion which has been with us for decades and looks like being around for many years to come.  

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